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Release & Launch Architect, Hoonter Recruiting S.L

Location: Helsingborg, Sweden (remote work is not allowed)

Duration: 12 months

Job Type: Contract

Salary: 700SEK/Day

Language Requirement: English

Job Description:

We need a Release & Launch Architect who has the following experience and skills:

  • Strong architecture Experience in Retail E-commerce program implementation in multi country roll out context
  • In general terms, Release & Launch Architecture combines the understanding of how the IT solution fits into the business context and how it enhances the existing business capabilities (Business Architecture) as well as the architecture and design of the IT solution across platforms and platforms areas in order to provide the technical leadership on the integration of a solution release, its deployment into production as well as the launch approach and sequence in targeted markets (IT Architecture).
  • E2E Architecture & Design
  • Provide the leadership in architecture and design activities to ensure a coherent, end-to-end solution across platforms and platform areas a. Engage with the various platform and platform area architects to ensure that both – individual platform objectives and roadmap as well as the solution release objectives are met
  • Engage with Lead Architects from all other cross-cutting architecture disciplines to ensure the end-to-end solution release supports and complies with the direction for the overall Global Solution Topology as well as with the Integration Architecture, Info/Data Architecture, Performance, Security, and Technical Architecture and Operations. 
  • E2E Development, Test & Deployment
  • Provide leadership to the various development, deployment and test teams in order to ensure included solution capabilities are appropriately developed, tested and deployed into test environment and subsequently into Production.
  • E2E Release & Launch:
  1. Define and describe the required release and launch events and provide the leadership to the release management team in order to (a) deploy the end-to-end solution release into production, (b) launch the new or enhanced capabilities in existing markets, and (c) launch the solution release in new markets
  2. Identify the solution transition stages how the end-to-end solution release and all its included solution components are deployed into Production, and how solution capabilities are enabled/disabled and configured for existing markets
  3. Identify the solution transition stages for launch the end-to-end solution release in new markets, i.e. what solution components and entities are required to be deployed and transitioned in what sequence